Honeypot for the people

Welcome to "Honeypot for the people"

This system was built to help people who are stalked online get a little more information about their stalker.
The common usage scenario is as follows:

  1. You have a stalker. You tried ignoring, blocking, reporting, but nothing works. It's time to get creative.
  2. Get a link of a video, image, article, or whatever you think your stalker might be interested in. This is always a good option, but anything works really.
  3. Put the link into the system, and receive a new link and a key. Don't lose the key, because it's the only one. The system does not save a copy.
  4. Send the new link to your stalker with a small cover story, it could be something like "You're after the wrong person, you probably mean this one [include link]", or "Here's a picture of my earlobe, now leave me alone [insert link here]".
  5. When they will click on the link, their information about their location and environment will be collected and saved.
  6. After a reasonable amount of time had passed, use your key to check out the collected information
  7. If the stalker clicked on the link, you should now have their IP address, operating system, and browser, and whether they use an open proxy.

Best practices

  1. In order to obscure the fact that you are using this system, after getting your link consider using a url shortener like goo.gl or bit.ly.
  2. Make sure to send it ONLY to your stalker (via private message, DM, whatsapp, whatever) and DO NOT post it on a public environment. The whole idea is to have a unique link for 1 person, so posting it publically defeats the purpose


Simply click here and create a trap. Good luck!


This platform was written by @noamr, the source code can be found on GitHub under creative commons (CC BY 4.0) license.